Volume #44 Issue 2

December 2023

Dear Microbiologists,

The journal MIKROBIOLOGIJA was a publication of the Yugoslav Union of Microbiological Societies, as a B series of ACTA BIOLOGICA IUGOSLAVICA, published by the Yugoslav Union of Biological Sciences. The first volume of the journal appeared in 1964 until its discontinuation in 2006 with the last one, volume 43. The journal contained an average of five original scientific papers in English with an abstract in English and Serbian. The articles were original papers, problem reports, and critical reviews in the fields of general medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and technological microbiology. All submitted articles were critically reviewed by the editorial board of the journal.

We are proud to announce that this year the journal has been reactivated and completely redesigned. The title of the journal was extended by an English translation into the latest name MICROBIOLOGY (MIKROBIOLOGIJA). Both the cover and the format of the journal have been modernised. Colours are used in conjunction with the new look to make the figures easier to understand. One volume per year with a biannual publication frequency has been introduced, and an electronic edition will soon be published in addition to the printed version of the journal. MICROBIOLOGY (MIKROBIOLOGIJA) will strive to publish peer-reviewed articles in all areas of basic and applied microbiology.

Workshop “Trends in microbial solutions for sustainable agriculture”

Extensive microbiome research in the field of structure and function of the plant microbiome, the pivotal role of plant-associated microbes on plant health and productivity, and the “state of the art” new methodologies nowadays, should provide a positive longer-term influence on agricultural production in developing countries and facilitate movement from the laboratory data to practical applications in sustainable agriculture.

“In loving memory of Dr. Djordje Fira, a great scientist and friend – your presence we miss, your memories we treasure”

Volume #44 Issue 1

March 2023